Monday, 16 September 2013

Upcoming exam dates of Govt Jobs


Exam DateExam Name
28, 29/09/2013SSC – CGL (Tier-II) Exam 2013
Postponed to 06/10/2013SI in Delhi Police, CAPF & ASI in CISF & Intelligence Officer in NCB Exam 2013 [Paper-II]
10 & 24/11/2013Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Exam 2013
15/12/2013Junior Translator in (CSOLs) Examination 2013


Exam DateName of The bankExam Name
19, 20, 26, 27/10/2013IBPSProbationary Officers/MT(CWE PO/MT-III)
28 or 29/09/2013 or 05 or 06/10/2013IBPS (CWE RRB-II)Office Assistant
21 or 22/09/2013IBPS (CWE RRB-II)Officers Scale I, II, III
14/09/2013Karur Vysya BankAssistant Managers


Exam DateExam Name
03 to 12/10/2013Indian Forest Services (Main) Exam 2013
20/10/2013CPF (AC) Exam 2013
09/11/2013IES/ISS Exam 2013
09/11/2013Geologists Exam 2013
01/12/2013Civil Services (Main) Exam 2013
12/01/2014SCRA Exam 2014
09/02/2014CDS Exam (I) 2014
20/04/2014NDA & NA Exam (I) 2014
24/05/2014IES/ISS Exam 2014
24/05/2014Geologists Exam 2014
20/06/2014Engineering Services Exam 2014
22/06/2014Combined Medical Services Exam 2014
13/07/2014CPF (AC) Exam 2014
24/08/2014Civil Services (Preliminary) Exam 2014
24/08/2014Indian Forest Services (Preliminary) Exam 2014
28/09/2014NDA & NA Exam (II) 2014
26/10/2014CDS Exam(II) 2014
22/11/2014Indian Forest Services (Main) Exam 2014
14/12/2014Civil Services (Main) Exam 2014

18/08, 01, 22/09/2013RRB Bilaspur – NTPC (UG) Categories [1st Stage] No. 04/2010
25/08/2013 Postponed to 15/09/2013JMRC – Stenographer (English)
01, 22/09/2013RRB Muzaffarpur – NTPC (UG Categories) [1st Stage] No. 04/2010
01, 22/09/2013RRB Ajmer – NTPC (UG) Categories 04/2010
01, 22/09, 06/10/2013RRB Mumbai – NTPC (UG Categories) [1st Stage] No. 04/2010
01, 22/09, 06/10/2013RRB Bhubaneswar – NTPC (UG) Categories 04/2010
01, 22/09, 06/10/2013RRB Gorakhpur – Ticket Collector No. 04/2010
17/09/2013RRB Bangalore – Hindi Assistant Gr-II No. 08/2010
19/10/2013RRC, Central Railway – Recruitment Under Scouts & Guides Quota
27/10, 17, 24/11, 01, 08/12/2013RRC, Hajipur – Group D No. 01/2012

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Latest Blog Directory Sites Lists 2013

Here are Latest Blog Directory Sites Lists 2013. Blog Directory Sites are used for submissions and increase Page Rank of the Blog. It also helps Bloggers directly reach the Direct Audiences through specific field directories.

Blog Digger - submit your rss feed for your blog
ReadABlog - submit your blog
Blogarama - submit your blog
BlogStreet - blog submissions
Globe of Blogs - submit your rss feed for you blog
Kmax Blog Links - blog submission
BlogSearchEngine - submit rss feeds for web logs
BlogHop - submit feeds for blogs
EatonWeb - submit feed for online blogs
PopDex - feed sumbission for web blogs - blog submissions
BlogCensus - submit your rss feed for your blog
BlogTree - blog submission
BlogStreet - rss feed submission for blog
BritBlog - blog submission
BlogLines - submit your blog to the directory
Australian Blog Directory - submit your blog
BoingBoing - submit blogs for review
RootBlog - enter the URL of a RSS feed you want to added to the database.
Weblog Directory - submit blog to directory
BlogoSphere EcoSystems - add your weblog
Blogz - add your blog
BlogWatcher - submit the url of your web log
BlogMatcher - submit your blog url
BlogPulse - automated trend discovery system for blogs
BlogCatalog - The Ultimate Blog Directory - Search For Blogs
Blogdir - spanish blog community
Blogs R Us - add feed
Blogs By City - add your blog!
FeedMap - submit a blog!
BlogSearch - submit blogs
BlogSweet - blog feed submission.
BlogFlux - blog feed submission.
Blogtastic - blog feed submission.
Blog Introduction - submit blogs.
Finding Blog - blog submissions
Bulletize - blog submissions
BlogTopSites - blog submissions
Blog Fuse- blog submissions
Blogion- blog submissions
AddUrlBlog- add blogs
Blogbib- add blogs
BOTW Blog- add blogs
Blog Directory Submit- add blogs
BlogTopSites- add blogs (they will provide required code that must be inserted in your website, in order for blogtopsites to rank your blog)
iBlogBusiness - add business blogs only
BlogSiteZone - manually add blogs to directory.
BlogTopList - adds blogs to directories.
BlogBurst - adds blogs to directories.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

latest RSS Submissions sites lists 2013

RSS  known as Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and videos or photos in a standardized format. An RSS document which is also called a "feed" includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship of the content. 

RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically or it directly crawl contents in serach ranking . A  XML file format allows the information to be published once and viewed by many different programs. They benefit readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from favorite websites or to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. It automatically sends auto - matic updates to the user . To update that frequently Webmasters needs RSS Submissions for their site and to benefit them here is latest RSS Submissions sites lists 2013 below :

RSS Network - submit RSS feeds
Syndic8 - submit RSS feeds
DayPop - post your RSS feed or blog
Feedster - submit your RSS feed
Rocket News - post your RSS feed
Technorati - submit your RSS feed to be pinged
Userland - submit rss feeds
Postami - submit rss feeds
Finance Investing Feeds - Only submit finance or investment related feeds.
Security Protection Feeds - Submit only security or protection related feeds RSS feeds select appropriate category.
Realty Feeds - Submit only home related RSS feeds. Be sure to select the appropriate category.
Medical Feeds - Submit feeds related to medical care or health.
Religious Podcasts - Submit only podcasts that relate to religion, sermon or spiritual beliefs.
Sports Feeds - Submit sports related RSS feeds and podcasts.
Political Feeds - Submit political feeds and podcasts.
Government Feeds - Submit feeds ONLY from government agencies. Feeds from both Local and federal governments are accepted.
Educational Feeds - Submit feeds and podcasts related to education.
2RSS - submit rss and assign category (on bottom)
NewsMob - submit rss news feeds
RocketInfo - submit your rss content and feed
Edu RSS - harvests only feeds dealing with educational technology and related issues. All feeds are reviewed before being added to the list. submit News using XML
Complete RSS - enter the url(s) of the feeds you wish to add to the directory. - add rss feeds
Memigo - submit a news link to memigo
BulkFeeds - submit an rss feed
Ping-O-Matic - rss feed submissions (pings site)
Yenra - submit RSS news feed
easyRSS - gives you a direct access to the content you are interested in.
NewsXS - submit rss feeds
FeedFarm - all submitted feeds are reviewed
FastBuzz - submit feeds
Search4RSS - submit RSS feeds
DeskFeeds - rss feed and blog submissions
Terrar - rss feed submissions
The Feed Spot - submit feeds
StepNewz - submit rss news feeds
RSS Verzeichnis - German feed submissions
4Guys from Rolla - submit feeds
DevASP - add feed listing
FuzzySoftware - submit XML listings
ASP Index - submit RSS feeds
SourceForge - submit news feeds
Feed Directory - submit RSS feeds in the feed directory.
FeedBeagle - submit feeds (scroll down)
FeedPlex - submit feeds
Feeds4All - submit RSS feeds
Plazoo - submit RSS feeds
Newzfire - submit RSS feeds
Feed24 - RSS feed submissions
Shas3 - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
FeedCat - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
RSS Clipping - add RSS urls
Read A Feed - add RSS urls
Loomia - add RSS feeds
Feeds2Read - add your RSS feeds
Feedzie - add your RSS feeds
RSS Portal - add your RSS feeds
RSS Feed 4U - add your RSS feeds
StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
JordoMedia - suggest RSS feeds
RSS Mad - add an RSS feed (on bottom right side)
FeedBomb - Navigate category and suggest a feed.
nFeeds - Submit RSS feeds only.
Auto Feeds - Submit automotive feeds only.
News Goblin - Submit automotive feeds only.
Wordum - Submit automotive feeds only
FeedSee - Submit feeds using keyword searches.
Submit Feeds - RSS submission feeds
Feedooyoo - Submit RSS feeds
Science Port - Add RSS feeds
FeedAge - Submit RSS feeds
GoldenFeed - Submit RSS feeds
RSSMicro - Submit RSS feeds
Octora RSS Feeds - Submit RSS feeds
FeedFury - Submit RSS feeds
RSSMotron - Submit RSS feeds
FindRSS - Submit RSS feeds
FeedBase - Submit RSS feeds
RSSMotron - Submit RSS feeds - Submit RSS feeds
Day Time News - Submit RSS feeds
FeedGod - suggest a feed (on the right)
RSSBuffet - submit an RSS feed
SolarWarp- submit an RSS feed
Feedest - submit a feed
RSSMicro - submit a feed - submit an RSS Feed
RSS Mountain - submit RSS
FeedSee - human edited RSS submissions
RSSSpan - Feeds Directory Search.
FeedNuts - Feeds Directory Search.

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Latest 100 + Image Submissions Sites for 2013

Images play a Very Important and effective role in Online promotion of any site same like any video. An one Image more presentable than  any other thousand other submissions and posting. A visual effect attracts more peoples to your site than any other textual matters. Here are some of important sites where you can post your best images and even attach from to your site. you can post a variety of images related to your products and services in below list. Here is latest Image Submissions Sites for 2013. Here are 100 + sites for Image Submissions

latest Video Submissions Sites 2013

Videos are Very effective and Important in Online promotion of any site. A one video matter more than  thousand other submissions and posting. A visual effect attracts more peoples to your site than any other textual matters. Here are some of important sites where you can post your best videos and even attach it to your site. you can post a variety of video's in below list. Here is latest Video Submissions Sites for 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

One Man Bank - Interesting - Bank Own and Governed by one man

One Man Bank

One Man Bank - Interesting - Bank Own and Governed by one man in Germany. Peter Breiter, CEO of Raiffeisen Gammesfeld eG bank runs his bank. Peter Breiter, CEO of Raiffeisen Gammesfeld eG bank, hangs up the table of prices at the bank in Gammesfeld Germany.  The Raiffeisen Gammesfeld eG cooperative bank is one of the country's smallest banks and is the only one to be run by just one member of staff. All banking duties are done by CEO Peter Breiter who records the daily business by hand, partly on paper. The bank is not connected to a database system, there are no automatic teller machines (ATMs) and its customer base consists only of residents of the town of Gammesfeld which has a population of around 510

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Free Classified Sites in India 2013

Classifieds are Best and one of finest techniques used in SEO to promote a website and it brings not only traffic but also direct inquiry's to the owner. It is direct channel between a buyer and seller on the Web. Here I am presenting some of the important Classified sites in America and Classified sites lists in India for 2013. you can use these Classifieds from this list which has more than 100 websites

Here are some other Important Classified Sites in India. Here you can post your Classified adds absolutely free